YouTube TV review – Prices, channels, supported devices, etc.

If you’re looking to cut the cord, you’ll not be disappointed to give YouTube TV a try. And for those asking, how much is YouTube TV going to cost, today’s post will give you everything you need to know about the YouTube TV app.

From pricing to channel selections to supported devices and the YouTube TV app, our detailed post has all the information you are looking for and more.

Let’s get into all the details, shall we?

Is YouTube TV a good deal?

Without mincing words, YouTube TV has proven to be among the best streaming options for cord-cutters searching for a live TV streaming service that effectively replaces their expensive cable television packages.

Starting at $49.99 per month, it delivers quite a punch including impressive YouTube TV channels, unlimited DVR and of course, the famous YouTube TV app that is super easy to use and available on every major platform.

But despite YouTube TV price increase, it doesn’t seem to have everything. And that’s something that is common among TV streaming platforms.

Sure, you can get Sling TV for less than YouTube TV, but guess what, you don’t find as much channels on Sling like you do on YouTube TV.

Also, you can decide to pay even less than that for Philo, but be prepared for a television experience without access to local channels or top cable networks. That said, if you’re are interested in live TV at a reasonable price, opting for YouTube TV will not be such a bad choice.

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How much does YouTube TV cost?

For those asking how much is YouTube TV, you’ll be surprised to learn that YouTube TV is a lot cheaper than your cable TV subscription.

If you’re an avid lover of sports, lifestyle and entertainment content, $65 per month isn’t too much to cough out for access to over 85 incredible YouTube TV channels.

Although the recent YouTube TV price increase means live TV streaming lovers have to pay more, you’ll be happy to learn that the streaming service added eight Viacom CBS channels to sweeten the deal. So, in addition to existing YouTube TV channels, you now have access to popular channels like Nickelodeon, Paramount Network and Comedy central.

What we love about the streaming service is their transparency and excellent customer service. This has made them the number one choice for Live TV streaming.

Thanks to unlimited cloud DVR, you can now record your favorite programs and have it saved for the next nine months.

The icing on the cake is that YouTube TV provides access to popular networks like NBA TV, NFL Network and MLB Network, at no extra charges.

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What is the downside of YouTube TV?

Now that we have answered your question, how much is YouTube TV, let’s take you through some downsides of opting for YouTube TV.

While YouTube TV has a lot going for it, there are some areas the company needs to improve on to finally earn its spot as the number one live TV streaming service.

Yes, we love their incredible YouTube TV channels, but seeing that the company charges $65 per month for its services might scare some customers away as other competitors offer their services for way less. And despite the recent YouTube TV price increase, the company is still missing popular networks like PBS and HBO.

Another thing we don’t like about YouTube TV is that they don’t have an option for offline viewing. Plus, their DVR is cloud based. This means you’ll not be able to stream titles you have saved without using mobile data.

For die-hard sport fans who want to keep up with their favorite sporting events, YouTube TV may not be such a great choice as the company is missing top sport channels. For instance, MLB sports games are not featured on current YouTube TV channels, which is a huge blow to baseball fan. More so, YouTube TV also doesn’t offer NFL Red Zone or NFL Sunday Ticket for football fans.

Did we forget to add that there is no capability for upgrades to allow users to set up multiple accounts? Also, there is no provision for streaming on multiple screens simultaneously.

YouTube TV supported devices

Like other live TV streaming platforms, YouTube TV is designed to work on myriads of devices including smart TVs, Smartphones, iPad, PS4, PS5, Xbox, Firestick devices, web browsers, and more.

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Are there any hidden fees with YouTube TV?

One thing that sets the streaming service apart from other live TV streaming platforms is its transparency. With YouTube TV, there are no hidden fees. Also, you don’t get penalized for canceling your subscription with them.

And for television lovers who want to take a break without losing access to their favorite recordings, YouTube gives you an option to pause your membership for up to six months. What this means is that you can return after your six months break and continue from where you left.

Also, we would like to add that you can enjoy amazing discounts if you use YouTube TV promo code to sign up for their services.

How much is YouTube TV per month?

Are you still interested in knowing how much is YouTube TV per month? Read on as we will get to all of that in a bit.

Unlike other live TV streaming platforms that have different plans you can opt for, the streaming service only has one plan that starts at $65 per month. Before now, YouTube TV monthly subscription used to cost only $50, but with the recent YouTube TV price increase, you now have to pay $65 per month to enjoy access to YouTube TV channels as well as the YouTube TV app.

Compared to other Live TV streaming providers, YouTube TV is a tad expensive. So, if what you want is a budget friendly TV streaming service provider, YouTube TV wouldn’t be your best option.

And because YouTube TV supports almost all devices, you can stream YouTube TV via HP Envy X360 laptop.

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