WhatsApp users will soon be able to create and use custom animated stickers

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature that will allow WhatsApp users to install and use custom animated sticker packs. When this rolls out, it is believed that users will be able to add some exciting personality to their messages. 

And for those who have no idea, Whatsapp stickers are unique cartoon images that people can use when chatting on Whatsapp. Unlike emoji, stickers are larger and more detailed. Plus, they are grouped into themed packs and visible the minute you hit the sticker button on the app. 

Last year, WhatsApp introduced a variety of updates including animated stickers and sticker search tools which makes it easy for users to search for their preferred stickers. But with this new update expected to roll out in the next couple of weeks, we expect things to get even more exciting as WhatsApp plans to allow users to add animated third-party stickers they can easily install within the app. 

And just so you know, it is already possible for WhatsApp users to create static stickers using popular apps like Sticker Marker and Wemoji, but with this new feature, users can now bring their static stickers to live, which is pretty interesting.  

When this feature is fully rolled out, users will be able to make animated stickers using existing GIFs or video files and proceed to import the packs into the app as WEBP files.

It’s worth adding that, according to the company’s release notes, custom sticker packs can either contain static stickers or animated stickers, but not a combination of both. 

It’s a sticky affair

While this feature isn’t yet available globally, reports made available by WABetaInfo suggest that the feature is already available to WhatsApp users in Iran, Brazil, and Indonesia. So if you happen to be in these countries, you can go ahead and start adding your own bespoke moving sticker. 

For the rest of us who aren’t yet able to enjoy this feature, we can be patient for the next couple of days or weeks until the feature is rolled out globally. 

Isaac Francis

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