Visio OLED (VISION OLED55H1) Review: Best Value OLED TV

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As revealed in our Visio OLED review, The Vizio OLED TV delivers some exceptional perks you’ll not find in a lot of high-end TVs. For avid TV watchers and gamers, this TV delivers exactly as promised.

If you like to indulge in 4K HDR content, especially in a light-controlled room or still playing your favorite games on last-gen hardware, then you’ll be blown away by the affordable Vizio OLED Review Reddit.

On the flip side, if you’re use to streaming HD cable networks in your amazingly bright living room or love to connect your PS5 or Xbox Series X to the HDMI 2.1 ports, you’ll not be so impressed with the Vizio OLED TV and we will show you why in our in-depth Vizio OLED review CNET.

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The good

  • Delivers impressive 4K HDR pictures
  • It is a lot more affordable and pocket friendly than arch rivals- LG OLED
  • Provides support for Dolby Vision and HDR10+
  • Provides support for Disney Plus and Apple TV
  • Dolby Atmos passthrough

The bad

  • This TV falls short in brightness especially when compared to other OLEDs
  • SmartCast isn’t so great and has some issues
  • HDMI 2.1 ports aren’t working effectively

Visio OLED Review: OLED TV at a glance

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The new and impressive Vizio OLED H1 TV is a cheaper alternative to more premium screens rolled out by big players like Sony and LG in the last couple of years. For TV lovers who want a high-quality TV without spending a fortune, you’ll fall heads over heels for the Vizio OLED rtings as it comes loaded with the same key features and performance offered by superior OLEDs, this time for hundreds of dollars less.

And just like other OLEDs on the market, the Vizio OLED 4K 120hz has some big advantages (and a few slip ups) worth pointing out. To start with, the Vizio OLED review shows that this TV features an OLED screen with black levels and extremely slim chasis. Other selling points of this TV includes wider viewing angles and exceptional contrast.

The not so cool thing with this TV as shown in our Vizio OLED review is that it isn’t as bright as LED-LCD counterparts. And in terms of upscaling, the Vizio OLED doesn’t come close to Sony upscaling algorithms. This is because we spotted a robust grain on HD sources, a couple of time during our Visio OLED review.

Visio OLED (VISION OLED55H1) Review: Price and availability

The affordability is one of the biggest selling points of the Vizio OLED 4K 120hz TV and we are hoping that this version ushers in an era of more low-cost OLEDs.

To start with, our Vizio OLED review CNET shows that this superb TV comes in two version- the OLED 55-H1 and the OLED65-H1. Plus, it launched in 2020 and has been a huge game changer in the OLED world.

As per pricing the Vizio OLED 55-inch model starts at $1,399.99. But during this year’s black Friday specials, some people were able to get this TV for as low as $889.

If you’re interested in a bigger screen, you’ll find the Vizio OLED 65-inch model that cost $1,999 worth giving a try.

Compared to other OLEDs on the market, the Vizio OLED is a lot cheaper, this explains why a lot of people are looking to lay their hands on this brilliant piece of technology.

Visio OLED (VISION OLED55H1) Review: Design and ports

When it comes to design, our Visio OLED review shows that this TV doesn’t disappoint. Its unibody design makes is looks all shades of amazing. We love its almost bezel-free design that gives it that slim look and allows it to sit perfectly on your home wall.

The intelligent cable management system fitted on the back of the Vizio’s case allow users to neatly weave audio cables and HDMI cords behind plastic paneling.

In terms of ports, this Vizio OLED TV comes with four HDMI ports. While two of its ports are designed to support 4K/120hz, the other two will support gaming consoles like Xbox Series X and the PS5.

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Visio OLED (VISION OLED55H1) Review: Remote Control and SmartCast

Sure, the Visio OLED comes with a powerful remote, but guess what, we aren’t huge fans of the included remote. While the Vizio OLED TV comes with similar remote that has been shipped with other Vizio TVs in the past, this one comes with added quick start buttons to operate apps like WatchFree and Concave home.

Our biggest issue with this remote is that it is IR-based. What this means is that you cannot use it for voice search.

And just like other Vizio TV models, the latest Vizio OLED H1 features the company’s flagship SmartCast platform that performs as Chromecast built-in system with Airplay.

The complete lineup of apps available on Vizio OLED SmartCast include, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Vudu, YouTube TV, Apple TV, Peacock, Hulu, Fandango, CBS All Access as well as popular streaming apps like iHeartRadio, Pandora and Tidal.

From what our Visio OLED review shows, the only popular app missing on Vizio’s SmartCast is HBO Max.

Visio OLED (VISION OLED55H1) Review: Performance

Regardless of what picture mode you select, the image quality of the Vizio OLED TV is brilliant. While there are noticeable differences between bright and calibrated dark modes, everything looks super clean and detailed when watching your favorite TV shows.

Thanks to the powerful OLED technology that comes with this TV, you’ll enjoy infinite contrast levels that delivers the purest blacks you’ll ever see with a TV.

Our only worry is that to enjoy the impressive fidelity, you’ll have to give up some brightness.

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Visio OLED (VISION OLED55H1) Review: Smart TV features

When it comes to Smart TV features, our Vizio OLED review Reddit reveals that this device isn’t doing too badly. Thanks to its SmartCast feature, users can now enjoy amazing perks and myriads of content.

With this brilliant tech from Vizio, users now have access to plenty of movies, TV shows, news, music videos and other exciting content.

Also, we love the fact that SmartCast feature comes with a unique navigation bar that provides a lot of space to launch movies, free content, series, original Vizio productions and more.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Vizio OLED good?

Looking at some of its incredible feature like the all-new SmartCast tech, we have no doubt that you’ll love this TV. Also, in terms of design, performance and pricing, the Vizio OLED TV isn’t such a bad option as it is doing well for itself.

Is Sony OLED better than LG OLED?

While both companies offer superior color accuracy and top-notch contrast you can only find on an OLED, Sony takes the winner trophy as it has continued to offer a slightly better picture quality than LG over the years.

Is OLED really worth it?

There are a lot of things to love about OLED. From impressive picture quality to impeccable contrast levels, OLED has continued to outperform close rivals like LCD and LED in this regard.

Who makes Vizio OLED?

Vizio OLED is produced by Vizio, a leading manufacturers of some of the best technologies in the world.

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