13 COVID-19 vaccine management systems you should know

With the Covid-19 pandemic biting harder with each passing day, countries around the world are working round the clock and relying on effective vaccine management system for covid to ensure that everyone gets vaccinated in time against this deadly virus that has taken the world by surprise. 

In this post, we have put together 13 of the best vaccine management system covid, that we believe you should explore. But first, let’s briefly explain what a vaccine management system is before we dive into the options.

What is a vaccine management system?

Vaccine management system is a digital tool or solution that ensures the entire lifecycle of vaccines administration is managed effectively and efficiently.

A vaccine management system provides a centralized platform that caters to distribution, scheduling, tracking, recording, communication, waste reduction, compliance and other activities associated to vaccine administration.

Covid vaccine management system

What are the top vaccine management systems for covid? 

In this section, we will take you through our list of 13 promising covid vaccine management systems you should know.

1. Accuvax vaccine management system

For a fully automated and pharmaceutical-grade vaccine management system that reduces medication error, safeguard vaccine viability, minimize vaccine loss, maximize patients safety while still allowing you view real-time inventory compliance, Accuvax vaccine management system hits the mark.

Unfortunately, for now, we don’t know Trumed AccuVax vaccine management system cost, so we cannot provide that information.

2. NCDHHS vaccine management system

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, the NCDHHS (North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services) has worked round the clock to ensure that when vaccines become available, they would have a vaccine management system covid in place.

The NCDHHS vaccine management system automates all of the necessary requirements for effective vaccine delivery. Further, Vaccine Management system NC ensures vaccine storage, workflow effectiveness, and temperature controls are optimised.

3. Microsoft

Microsoft partnered with Accenture, EY, Avanade, and Mazik Global to launch a COVID vaccine management platform. The Microsoft vaccine management solution provides an ability for vaccine provider and patient registration, gradual scheduling, projections, analytics and reporting.

Further, since the Microsoft vaccine management system covid was launched, the company has deployed more than 230 emergency covid-19 response teams globally to ensure secure, equitable, and efficient distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine. 

4. Accenture

The Accenture vaccine management system has five modules which government or healthcare agencies can leverage to manage COVID-19 vaccination initiatives. Similarly, the modules in the Accenture vaccine management solution provide vaccine tracking, supply, education, contact management, analytics and reporting, and finally consulting support capabilities.

5. Salesforce

The Salesforce vaccine management system covid facilitates vaccine management programs at scale, and in an efficient manner. Thanks to Salesforce Work.com, customers can now leverage Salesforce vaccine cloud to design, build and integrate an end-to-end vaccine administration management system, especially for covid vaccine administration.

6. VigiLanz

Vigilanz which is a clinical surveillance firm, provides a mass vaccination software called VigiLanz Vaccinate. With the VigiLanz Vaccine administration solution, healthcare workers can register for covid vaccination and provide consent. Also, Vaccinate sends reminders on covid vaccine second dose date and allow for feedback on vaccine experience.

The best part about Vigilanz covid vaccine management system is that they offer it free to their existing front line customers.

7. VaxAtlas

The VaxAtlas vaccine management solution features comprehensive on-demand tools that provides insights into covid hotspots.

This vaccine tool provides information on nearby locations for appointment scheduling. It also alerts users on the second dose appointment and provides a centralized store for family vaccination records.

8. DocASAP

DocASAP vaccine coordination solution provides ability to book appointments for vaccination, get reminders on second doses, enjoy online appointment scheduling and post-appointment wellness tracking. 

9. Infosys

Infosys vaccine management solution provides cross agency coordination and demand forecasting abilities. The solution is fully compliant with the strict CDC and ACIP COVID vaccination recommendations. Further, the Infosys covid vaccine management system, vaccination tasks can be automated.

10. Traction on Demand

COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Operations Accelerator by Traction on Demand provides an ability to manage vaccine clinic records for audit purposes.

The Traction on Demand’s vaccine management solution covid is built on the Salesforce platform, and is both mobile app and desktop supported. It also boosts a dynamic dashboard that shows how well clinics are adhering to CDC covid vaccine administration guidelines.

11. Xcelrate UDI

Xcelrate UDI covid vaccine tracking solution is a new component of Xcelrate’s barcode scanner vaccine management system. Xcelrate’s UDIVital app captures instantaneous data on waste and prevention, and also provides an ability for instant reporting on harmful occurrences related to covid vaccines.


Using MEDITECH quick vaccine solution, healthcare organizations can now speed up vaccine distribution at high volume locations. Not just that, this vaccine management system NC also provides details on inoculation sites. 

The MEDITECH covid vaccine management system is integrated into MEDITECH’s Immunization Interface. This enables automatic transmission of essential vaccine data, such as covid vaccination certificate to State immunization information systems.

13. Twistle

Twistle recently launched a HIPPA compliant Covid-19 management system that can easily be tweaked to implement state-specific vaccine policies while incorporating healthcare organization vaccine delivery plan. 

This incredible pathway from Twistle is now available at two large health facilities in the Western United States. 


With states struggling to meet Covid-19 vaccination goals, covid vaccine management systems like the ones we have listed out in this post are here to make vaccine administration a hassle-free process. 

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