Sony TV PS5 bundle: Everything you need to know

Being the rave of the moment, the PS5 is generating an insane amount of attention as gamers across the globe jostle to lay their hands on this impressive console. And that’s not the only cool part. Oh yes, we just learned that the company is planning to roll out a new Sony TV PS5 bundle to make it easier for people to order a complete gaming setup without breaking the bank for it.

Information available suggests that Costco Canada is all set to unveil an insane Sony TV PS5 bundle Costco deal that includes everything you’ll ever need to set up for the next couple of years.

For gamers ready for PlayStation 5 TV, today’s post has all the information you are looking for and more. Let’s bring you up to speed, shall we?

Does PS5 have a bundle?

Despite the crazy demand for the PS5 console since it launched, there hasn’t been any official Sony TV PS5 bundles just yet. However, retailers like Costco are rolling out exciting Costco PS5 bundle deals gamers wouldn’t want to miss out on.

The Sony TV PS5 bundle Costco deal is one of the best we have come across and we hope other retailers get creative so gamers can have a lot of options to look at.

Not just for consoles, we are also looking out for game bundle deals with a mix of the FIFA 21 and Assassins Creed Valhalla.

Also, anything with the PS5 controller charging dock together with PS5 Pulse 3D gaming headset will be a brilliant addition.

What TV does Sony recommend for PS5?

With PS5 getting all the attention right now, gamers all across the globe are shopping for the best television to bring their PS5 gaming consoles alive. Sure, your old TV may support the new PS5 gaming console, but if you want to enjoy the 4K resolution and high frame that the PS5 offer, you’ll need to get a new TV set.

Now the big question is, what TV does Sony recommend for the PS5? Well, there are a list of amazing TVs recommended by Sony for the PS5. Stay with us as we run you through a list of television that supports the latest PS5 console:

  • Sony Bravia XH9005 TV
  • Sony KD XH9505BU TV
  • Samsung Q80T QLED TV
  • Samsung TU8000 TV
  • LG UN74006LB TV
Sony TV PS5 bundle PlayStation TV

Will there be a cheaper version of PS5?

While some gamers are ready for PS5 TV others are looking for the best PS5 controller price. In the midst of all this, some gamers have been asking if there will be a cheaper version of the PS5. Well, we are happy to let you know that there have been some rumors about a cheaper version of the PS5 launching sometime next year.

According to rumors, the cheaper version of the PS5 console is dubbed the PS5 Lite and will reportedly be available in the second half of 2021.

With the cheaper version of the PS5 in the pipe work, manufacturers are looking to solve the issue of shortage, giving the overwhelming demand for the PlayStation 5 when it first launched.

From what we are hearing, the specification of the new cheaper version of the PS5 console hasn’t been revealed, however, experts believe that it will be smaller in size and volume when compared to the original version. With Sony known to release the elite version of its consoles, the chances of seeing a cheaper version of the PS5 is pretty high.

Will Costco be selling the ps5?

With the overwhelming demand for the PlayStation 5 console, online stores like eBay and Amazon are running out of stock as gamers jostle to lay their hands on the holy grail of game consoles. But guess what, a lot of retailers are taking the bull by the horn and have started listing the PS5 console on their stores.

One of the newest players on the block is Costco. So, if you’ve been struggling to get your own PS5 console, you can head straight to Costco to place an order for the PlayStation 5 gaming console.

The icing on the cake is that Costco is rolling out a mouthwatering Costco PS5 bundle deal you don’t want to miss out on. This impressive deal is one of a kind and the best we have seen so far. Just to give you an idea, the Costco PS5 bundle deal will include additional DualSense wireless controller, Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Launch Edition and a month free PlayStation Now membership.

What is the PS5 controller price?

Are you looking to get an additional controller for your PS5 and you’re wondering what it would cost? Well, let’s bring you up to speed on the latest PS5 controller price.

While we cannot say for sure how much the PS5 controller will cost, we have seen deals on Amazon and eBay go for $70. If you think this isn’t too much to shell out for a controller, you can opt for deals on Amazon and eBay.

That said, you can check other retailers to see if you can get a better deal elsewhere. Also, read this detailed review for the PS5 DualSense console.

PS5 Controller sony tv ps5 bundle

Frequently asked questions

Does the PS5 come with a controller?

Just like previous versions of the PlayStation console, the PS5 will come with one DualSense controller. And if you have a PS4, you can use your own DualShock 4 controller with your PS5.

The only caveat is that it will only work when playing PS4 games.

Will PS4 controllers work on PS5?

According to Sony, PS4 controllers will work flawlessly with the PS5. However, it will only work when playing PS4 games. This means DualShock 4 controllers for PS4 will not work effectively when playing PS5 games.

Is the PS5 going to restock?

With tons of online stores currently running out of stock for the PS5, we are glad to announce to you that the PS5 will be available across several online stores soon. Online stores like Costco restocked recently, so you can head there right away to see if you can place an order for your favorite game console.

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