Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review: The top Android smartphone out now?

Are you looking for a high-end smartphone like the all-new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra that packs a lot of punch? Then you’ll not be disappointed to read our detailed Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review to learn more about this incredible device that is generating a lot of buzz. And for Samsung lovers in Pakistan, we will show you the Samsung Galaxy Ultra Price in Pakistan so you know how much this device cost. 

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Why the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the rave of the moment

Samsun Ultra screen Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review

While Samsung has always released top-notch devices, with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, the company went overboard to deliver a smartphone with impeccable specs you just can’t resist. Read our detailed Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review to see why this device is a must-have.

To start with, the Samsung Galaxy S21 sports a huge screen, five powerful cameras, and boast of the best zoom we have come across on any Android-powered device. 

The not so cool thing is that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is super expensive, so if you’re in Pakistan and searching for the Samsung Galaxy Ultra price in Pakistan, you’ll soon find out that getting this device will cost you a fortune. 

And just so you know, this device is missing a MicroSD card slot and it doesn’t come with a charger too.

What we love

  • This device has the best zoom camera
  • Debuts a brilliant design
  • Provides support for S pen

What we don’t like

  • Super expensive and cost a fortune
  • Missing MicroSD card slot
  • Only 128 GB storage space to play with

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review: Specifications

Design and Display Samsung Galaxy Ultra 5G

The all-new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra packs a lot of features that will thrill smartphone lovers. This incredible device debuts more cameras, provides support for S Pen, and boasts of other beefier specs that will give the Note 20 Ultra a run for its money. 

If you’re interested in a device with a powerful camera, then get ready to be blown away by the Samsung Galaxy Ultra camera performance. With five powerful cameras led by two telephoto cameras, a 108MP sensor, 40MP for selfies, and 100x zoom capability, the camera performance of this device will wow users. 

Besides the Samsung Galaxy Ultra camera, this device boasts of impressive battery life, a whooping 16GB of Ram to increase performance, and provides support for the all exciting Samsung Galaxy Ultra 5G. 

To spice things up, this device features a 6.8-inch 120Hz Quad HD display, a highly responsive in-screen fingerprint sensor.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra price and release date

Since the Samsung Galaxy Ultra was released on January 29, 2021, people looking to get their hands on this high-end smartphone can do so right away. 

This device starts at £1,149, $1,199, and AU$1,849, respectively. 

For high-end smartphone users in Pakistan, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra price in Pakistan is no doubt on the high side and that’s because this device costs Rs. 229.999. 

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review: Design and Display

Galaxy S21 Ultra screen Samsung Galaxy Ultra price in Pakistan

In terms of design, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is a gorgeous looking smartphone. As per our Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review, this device debuts a smooth gorilla glass back. Thanks to its 6.8-inch display and curved edge to edge screen, the bezel on this device is almost non-existent. 

We love the fact that the device comes with a 40MP front camera that is cleverly hidden behind a tiny punch hole. 

And just so you know, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is Samsung’s first flagship phone with a screen that is capable of performing at a smooth 120Hz refresh rate while the device is in a pixel packing Quad HD resolution mode. 

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review: Battery life

Battery life Samsung Galaxy Ultra camera

When it comes to battery life, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra doesn’t disappoint. With a 5,000mAh battery that goes head to head with the Galaxy s20 Ultra capacity, this device will deliver an all-day battery life if you stick to Samsung’s default settings. 

Popularly asked questions about the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

What is the Samsung Galaxy Ultra price in Pakistan? 

In Pakistan, getting the all-new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will cost you a fortune, and just to give you a figure, this device will cost Rs.229,999 in Pakistan. 

Is the S21 Ultra worth it?

While the S21 Ultra is by no means a cheap device, we love the fact that the device packs lots of incredible specs you don’t want to miss out on. for a start, the Samsung Galaxy Ultra camera and the Samsung Galaxy Ultra 5G makes this device worth checking out. More so, its battery life, design, display overall performance, pits it with the best smartphones on the market currently. 

Does the S21 Ultra have an S Pen?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G is compatible with S Pen (Stylus). However, the S Pen is an optional accessory that can be purchased differently. It does not come with the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

What is the difference between Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and S20 Ultra?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy S20 Ultra have similar design. However, a few notable differences include that the S21 Ultra has 3 storage capacities (i.e. 128GB, 256GB and 512GB), while S20 Ultra has only two storage capacities (i.e. 128GB and 512GB). Also, the Galaxy S21 Ultra has no expandable storage, while the S20 Ultra has an expandable storage of up to 1 Terabyte,

Is there going to be a Note 21 Ultra?

There are speculations that Samsung plans to discontinue the Note series and stick to the Galaxy S series and the recent Galaxy Z Fold series. However, even if the rumours were true, there is a high possibility that the smart phone giant will release the Samsung Note 21 before it completely phases out the Note series. We foresee the Note 21 coming at year end.


After reading our Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review, we have no doubt that you’ll be impressed with this monster device. Without mincing words, the Samsung Galaxy Ultra S21 is a fine piece of technology and features a more brilliant design than many of its progenitors. 

While it is missing a MicroSD slot as well as a headphone jack, we love the fact that every other thing is available. From waterproof design to an advanced camera system to top processor and more, you’ll not miss out on anything when you opt for this device. 

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