Pulse 3D wireless headset for PlayStation 5 review

Even though it’s already been months since the PlayStation 5 was released, it can still be referred to as the current big thing, as many people are still jostling to get their hands on the amazing console. The PlayStation’s amazing features make it quite obvious that a lot of time and effort was put into its creation. Many PlayStation 5 owners use third-party headsets with the console, but in case you were not aware, let us be first to let you know that the Sony Pulse 3D Headset is the official headset for the PS5.

The new Sony Pulse 3D headset which is the official in-house headset for the PlayStation 5 is good news for PlayStation 5 owners as it brings a lot to the table. It gives awesome audio for the PlayStation 5 and it can also be used as a general audio device as it is generic. It can be used for other things, like music, and movies, not just with the PlayStation. And in this Pulse 3d Headset Review, we’re going to be telling you all you need to know about it.

Sony pulse 3D headset for ps5

Like they have been doing for every PlayStation console since PlayStation 3, Sony has again released a new first-party wireless headset for the PlayStation 5 – The Pulse 3D Headset.
In both appearance and operation, the pulse 3D headset feels like an extension of the Ps5. It has black ear-cups and a white plastic top band making it a beautiful match in appearance with the PlayStation 5.

The Pulse 3D wireless headset for PlayStation 5 is also specially equipped to capitalize and take full advantage of the Tempest 3D AudioTech of the PS5.
Some of the features of the Sony pulse 3D Headset as seen on the back of the box include; dual hidden microphones enhanced by noise-hiding technology, an in-built rechargeable battery for up to 12hours of play, easy-access controls to quickly adjust audio and chat settings.

A closer look at pulse 3d headset, aesthetics, and control.

In appearance, Sony Pulse 3D Headset has quite an interesting and attractive look. The earpads are black, modernized, and made out of synthetic leather. They are built into a frame that has two parts that are separated but connected at the extreme. The first part which is the outer frame is made of white plastic as mentioned earlier, while the inner support is made of rubber, it is a support band that reduces the amount of weight on your head by padding the headset. The support band also makes it possible for you to adjust the frame.

The Pulse 3D Headset is generally comfortable as the earcups are almost perfect and easy to wear, and the weight that should rest on your head has been minimized. However, the mic quality of this Pulse 3D Wireless Headset For Playstation 5 is not so great.
The control, ports, and inputs of the Sony pulse 3D Headset include chat and game, off and monitor, volume racker, mute switch which can be clicked in and out, USB C, headphone jack, and the power switch. These are all on the left side of the headset. So, you do not have to be wondering what side a control function is. They are all stacked on the left side.

Pulse 3D wireless headset price

The Pulse 3D headset comes with some cables like the USB Cable, USB wireless adaptor, and a 3.5mm headphone jack spare cable.
Compared to other wireless headsets, the Pulse wireless headset for PlayStation 5 is reasonably cheaper, considering that it gives very good sound quality for games, movies, and music.
The Pulse 3D wireless headset for PlayStation 5 sells for £99.99.

Frequently asked questions

Are Pulse 3D headphones worth it

Just like we mentioned earlier, considering the price of the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset For Playstation 5, and all that it brings to the table, it is a good place to put your money if you’re looking for a great headset. It definitely can be better especially with the mic, but overall, you’d be glad you purchased it.

Do you need Pulse 3D headset for 3D audio?

PlayStation blog stated that although, the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset For Playstation 5 allows you to take full advantage of the 3D Audio, you most likely will be able to experience the same 3D Audio with your normal headphones. Either by plugging them into the DualSense wireless controller’s headset jack or through a USB connection.
So, if you don’t really want to buy the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset For Playstation 5, you don’t have to.

Where can I buy a PS5 3D pulse headset?

It is general knowledge that the PlayStation 5 console sells out really fast. The Sony Pulse 3D headset isn’t any different. So, it is no surprise if you have been checking for the Headset and it is sold out.
However, there are a few places that you’re sure to get them in a short time, if not immediately. Such as;

Does the pulse 3D have a mic?

Looking at the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset For Playstation 5, it doesn’t physically appear to have a mic. If you’re wondering if it has a mic, the answer is yes. The Pulse 3D Headset Ps5 has a setup for a dual mic. Each of the mics have different purposes; while one aims at picking and canceling out background noise, the other mic “picks” and your voice. The mic isn’t perfect but it works.

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