Sony to unlock PS5 internal storage upgrade this year

Good news for PS5 owners as the company reportedly plans to make internal storage upgrades available this years. 

According to people in the loop, Sony is planning to open up previously inaccessible internal storage upgrades for the PS5 this summer. Reports also suggest that this could happen between June and September this year. 

At the moment, PS5 owners aren’t able to increase the size of the internal storage that comes with the device. Meaning they have to make do with the 667.2 GB usable internal memory that the console offers. 

For an avid gamer, you’ll agree that this isn’t enough, especially considering that most PS5 titles use up around 50 GB of memory space. 

Thankfully, unlocking access to the console’s expandable storage port will allow PS5 owners to seamlessly increase the size of their console’s internal memory. With this, PS5 owners can now load more games into their console without worrying about deleting their favorite titles. 

And just so you know, increasing your console’s internal storage won’t be cheap and here is why. The PS5 console is only compatible with the company’s certified NVMe SSDs. Even at that, Sony is yet to confirm which of their NVMe SSD will work with the PS5. Plus, they are super expensive. 

For now, we know that the PS5 console internal drive is powered by a PCle Gen 4 M.2. NVMe SSD, which is capable of delivering a whopping 5.5 GB/s bandwidth. To this end, any expandable internal storage drive should be equivalent, if not better in performance. 

Once Sony enables internal upgrades, PS5 owners can simply insert their desired NVMe SSD by removing the PS5 side panel and proceed to insert the SSD in the correct slot. 

Although all PS5 have this slot, Sony stated that its functionality will only come alive with future updates. What this means is that we may see a PS5 firmware update when the function launches. 

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