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Do you know that planning online services is now easier than ever before? Thanks to powerful tools like Planning Center Services, churches can now effectively map out their programs without any hassle through the features in the planning center online app.

For those who have no idea, this church management tool rolls out seven incredible software products that are uniquely designed to help churches explore the freedom to focus on what matters to them more. At planning center, you can easily sign-up for individual products or subscribe to the whole software, and deploy it as a full church management system.

Whether you’re interested in managing your membership database, planning services, scheduling volunteers, processing online donations, check-in people, taking signups, coordinating small groups, or managing calendar and other facilities, rest assured that this church operation suite has all the tools you need to manage your church effectively. And before we forget, every plan you subscribe to grants you full access to support.

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  • Planning Center Online is an incredible, responsive, and easy to use worship planning application
  • This software features incredible tools that help churches manage complex events
  • The planning center online app for your congregation is included at no extra cost
  • We love the fact that you can sign up for specific applications needed by your church


  • Planning center online services feature applications like Registration and Services that are complex and requires some time to fully master
  • Customer support phone calls doesn’t work smoothly as you have to schedule in advance
  • Opting for a few Planning Center Online applications means you’ll have to relate with multiple vendors to manage your church.
  • The Planning Center online giving app doesn’t support pledges and campaign

 How much does Planning Center Online Services cost?

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One thing we love about this church management tool is its flexibility as far as pricing is concerned. While the software features eight powerful applications that makes it easy to manage church operations, churches who are interested in giving Planning Center Online a try can decide to purchase a combo of these applications to meet their church needs.

The cool part is that you can adjust the pricing for each application to suit your church actual needs. For instance, the Check-Ins application offers 15 check-ins free, however, you’ll have to cough out $199 per month if you want to enjoy unlimited check-ins.

Whether you have a big church or managing a small church with few members, this tool has a plan that works for everyone. Here, check out some of their popular offerings.

  • Free plan: Cost $0
  • Small church plan: Cost $72. Per month
  • Medium church plan: Cost $244 per month
  • Large Church: Cost $644 per month

Note: And just in case you are not satisfied with this church management tool, you can cancel your subscription with Planning Center Online registrations any time you like.  

What are the specifications and features of the Planning Center Online?

Having given you some background on the software and how much it cost, we will quickly run you through some incredible specifications and features waiting for you when you subscribe to Planning Online services. So, without further ado, here are some of the amazing tools you can explore on the Planning Center software.

planning center online registrations


The Services feature is the most popular tool offered by this church management suite. This application is specially designed to allow churches to hold powerful services with unified teams. From scheduling teams to communicating with team members and planning church worship sets, this tool lets you run all your services smoothly.

This tool is priced based on the number of team leads, volunteers and service planners using the app.  

The icing on the cake is that the app is user friendly and helps make planning services a breeze.


This powerful tool is designed to help churches manage their events and attendance. And you know the exciting part? It is easy to use and navigate. With just a few clicks, you can create a new event with their set times and locations. Moreover, the Check-Ins app also makes it easier for you to schedule events and print labels at multiple campuses.

Thanks to Check-Ins, you can take attendance using any web-based device. What this means is that your team can use their smartphones to handle check-in.


Planning Center online Registrations is a powerful church management tool that allows churches create and manage complex events. Using this robust application, you can create, manage and share event updates via your website or using the Church Center mobile app.


This robust application features a full-fledged administrator portal that allows you to explore historical donations, reoccurring donations as well as saved payment methods and communications by each member. Not just that, the tool also lets you edit donations while logging cash and check donations.

The amazing thing about this tool is that it also lets you issue tax statements to your church members. With this application, you can easily get helpful reports on donations in your church.


Thanks to the Groups applications, churches can now easily set up groups, registers new members, take attendance, create events and share links to helpful resources. Plus, its one click operation means you can send emails to all your members at a time.

To make your job easy, this tool offers church wide and group level reporting.

We also like the fact that the app is intuitive and easy to operate.

With this powerful tool, your members can now see all your church groups and register for new groups. The app also works in such a way that members can search for specific groups using filters like location and stage of life.


Planning Center online Resources is specially designed to help churches manage their facilities. Using this tool, you can easily add new rooms to the system. The tool also makes it a breeze to add room setup options as well as taking an inventory of all resources like kitchen appliances, AV systems, outdoor equipment and more.

Church Center

The Church Center application is a mobile application that your congregants can use to manage their profiles, give, join groups and signup for events. The goal of Planning Center is for their Church Center app to feature all public facing content from their complete application suite.

Amazingly, the mobile application is offered for free if you subscribe to Planning Centre’s complete suite.

Is Planning Center Online worth it?

If you’re looking for an effective tool to manage your church operations, you’ll not be disappointed to give Planning Centre Online a try. Thanks to this powerful tool, you can manage services, offerings, and organize events without a hassle. And because the company offers different plans for its services, you’re sure to find a plan that meets your church’s unique needs.

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