Motorola Edge S Review: Everything you need to know about this cost-effective phone

Since Lenovo took over the reins at Motorola, we haven’t come across a powerful smartphone like the all amazing Motorola Edge S and in today’s post we will give you an in-depth Motorola Edge S review and why we think it is a must-have for any smartphone enthusiast.  

While the Motorola Edge S specs will excite regular consumers as it also features the very first snapdragon 870 along with many other unbeatable features that makes it the rave of the moment. 

Read our detailed Motorola Edge S review to learn more about what this smartphone has to offer. 

Motorola Edge S: Design and Specs

Motorola edge s review

In terms of design, the Motorola Edge S is in a league of its own and you’ll learn why soon as you continue to read our Motorola Edge S 5G review. 

To start off, this smartphone weighs only 215 grams and is 9.69mm thick. Unfortunately, its 6.7” screen makes the phone look a little bulky. To make up for this, the Motorola Edge S comes with a screen aspect ratio of 21:9, making the phone a little comfortable to grip. 

On the front of the phone sits a 1080p dual hole punch screen which has a 90hz refresh rate. Although it is somewhat rare that the two holes aren’t combined to make one oval shape, we are excited that the design of this smartphone looks every inch perfect. 

When viewed from different angles, the back of this smartphone reflects purple to blue light. While the phone features a fingerprint sensor on the side, what is a bit surprising is the headphone jack on the side.

Additionally, our Motorola Edge S shows that this smartphone has a multifunction button that can be easily customized to open programs with just one click. Plus, double-tapping the fingerprint sensor also activates a similar function. 

The not so cool thing about this smartphone is that it comes with a screen protector which doesn’t fit correctly as it doesn’t fully cover the edges. Also, we noticed that there is no oleophobic layer on the back cover and screen. What this means is that the entire phone will show fingerprint markings after a couple of hours of handling. 

Additionally, the top and bottom bezels look a little wide apart. 

Motorola Edge S: Snapdragon 870 and Gaming performance

Motorola edge s gaming review

For avid gamers, you’ll be happy to learn that our Motorola Edge S gaming review pitches this smartphone among the best performers out there. For starters, this phone scores a whopping 640,000 in the Antutu Benchmark while pulling in another 4900 in the 3DMARK. 

While it may still not be in the level of the M1 11’s Snapdragon 888, we are happy that this smartphone performs excellently. 

PUBG played almost smoothly as it performed at 60 fps. On the other hand, even though Genshin Impact was slightly optimized to perform best on the Snapdragon 888 chip, it played without hitches on the Motorola Edge S. 

With an average frame rate of 47 fps, there are very few high-performing games that will not play almost seamlessly on this smartphone. 

Motorola Edge S: Camera Performance

Oppo f19 pro camera review

In terms of the Camera, the Motorola Edge S camera performs superbly. The phone’s four rear cameras are made up of a 64mp, which is the main camera, a 2MP portrait depth of field lens, a 16MP ultra wide-angle lens and a TOF lens. 

We are particularly impressed by this smartphone’s daytime camera performance as it not only looks good but also prints off fine natural colors. 

Besides the highlights as well as the purple fringing issues, the camera quality is pretty satisfactory for a smartphone at this price point. 

Motorola Edge S: Battery Performance

In terms of battery performance, only very few smartphones will outperform the Motorola Edge S, especially considering that it comes with a huge 5000mAh battery. 

While this phone’s battery capacity is top-notch, it is also well optimized to perform superbly. Using the Motorola Edge to watch a one-hour 1080p video over the internet only consumes 14% of the charge. On the flip side, one hour of web browsing consumes only 11%. 

If you’re an avid gamer and like to play Genshin Impact, an hour long gaming session should consume 12%. 

Giving its impressive battery capacity, going a day without charging shouldn’t be a problem. 

Frequently asked questions: Learn more about Motorola Edge S review

Is Motorola Edge S waterproof

While the smartphone features a decent body with smooth panel and curved edges, its IP52 rating shows that it is splash resistant and not waterproof. 

How much will Motorola Edge S cost?

For those interested in the Motorola Edge S price, you’ll be happy to learn that this smartphone cost only $499.99. This is quite affordable, especially if you compare it to the price of other similar phones in this category. 


Considering all the fine specs that this phone comes with along with its impeccable performance and decent battery life, we have no doubt that the Motorola Edge S is worth buying. 

Thanks to its Snapdragon 870 processor, its powerful 5000mAh battery and its attractive price point, this smartphone will make an excellent choice for anyone looking for a premium smartphone that doesn’t cost a fortune, 

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