iOS version of Microsoft Remote Desktop gets new features

The iOS version of Microsoft Remote Desktop is ready to get a series of upgrades that will deliver a number of exciting enhancements, particularly as it relates to the app’s connection bar. 

While the new upgrade version 10.2.4 of the app is set to improve usability, especially across iOS devices, the app will now work seamlessly on large-screened devices like iPhone Pro and iPad. 

Without mincing words, Microsoft Remote Desktop is among the most used remote desktop applications on the market currently. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and provides amazing caches of features for business and personal use cases.

Making multitasking a breeze

Over the years, Microsoft has consistently strived to improve the usability of its remote desktop app and with recent releases, the company have added important shortcuts to access common functions offered by their app. 

While this new update will be the first update for the app this year, besides fixing bug reports, this new update also comes with multiple expereince ehancements to make that app work seamlessly. 

For starters, the app will now come with a new zoom slider, which can be activated by long pressing the maximzie button. 

The app also comes with new options that allow users to collapse and dock connection bar. With this new update, the changelog states that the connection bar can now be collapsed by moving it to different corners of the screen.

For easier multitasking especially when using large-screen device, the app now lets users dock the connection bar either to the extreme left or reight edge of the screen.

Elsewhere, it is believed that Microsoft has resolved the bug reports which most time causes the user interface to stop resolving respective workplace names during subscription. 

The latest update is now available on respective app stores. 

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