MagSafe battery pack for iPhone 12 in the works

With the iPhone 12, Apple released a line of MagSafe accessories that easily snaps to the back of the iPhone. But as if that isn’t enough, new reports suggest that the company is working on a portable MagaSafe battery pack. 

As per reports from Bloomberg, this brilliant product from Apple has been in the pipeline for almost a year and should have already hit the market if it wasn’t for minor issues relating to the software. One such glitch is the pack alerting that it is overheating when in actual sense it isn’t. 

Speaking with Bloomberg, people with first-hand information about the product stated that besides the software glitch, another problem that has stalled the launch of this product is getting the charging pack to work when users switch from using phone their case to not using one. 

Rumors have it that the software issues are so serious and persistent that Apple is even considering scrapping the whole idea. If this happens, then it is just going to be like the AirPower, the charging mat that Apple almost launched but had to scrap because the company believed it was too much of an engineering challenge. 

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At the moment, Apple already makes plenty of MagSafe cases and traditional chargers. Plus, there are a ton of MagSafe products manufactured by third-party accessory makers on the market already. Even though the company already makes Non-MagSafe battery pack cases for their products, the only difference with this new is product is that it is just another battery without a casing. 

According to insider sources, some prototypes of this product have a white rubber exterior and are designed in such a way that they clip to the back of the iPhone 12 with magnets and kick off the charging process. For those who spend a lot of time on the go, there is no doubt that this product will make a decent accessory.

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