Linux Tablets: 4 Reasons why you should use them & 3 reasons why you shouldn’t

You may never have given attention to Linux tablets before, but in this post, we will give you all the important information you need to know about the Linux tablet 2021 and the Linux tablet uses.

Linux is a group of operating systems that come from the Linux kernel. This operating system came to the public on the 17th of September, 1991. You could say it was named after the founder, Linus Torvalds. A group of an Operating System (OS) uses the name ‘Linux’ to emphasize that many Linux distributions share Linux kernel.

An example of such OS using the Linux distribution is the Ubuntu, an open source OS. Ubuntu gives a user friendly operating system that is pretty stable, which is targeted toward an average computer user. It is quite easy to install as simplicity is one of its selling features. You could find Ubuntu tablet out there, running on Ubuntu Touch, a mobile version of the Ubuntu OS.

Further, just recently, a Chinese company has promised another Linux-based operating system designed for tablets, the JingOS, acclaimed “the world’s first iPadOS-style Linux distro”.

4 Reasons why you should use Linux Tablets

Apart from the history, there is some important information you should know about Kali Linux tablets. Like their benefits. Why should anybody care about Linux tablet use? Here’s the real deal:

• Linux tablet 2021 is easy to manipulate and less costly than others. You get greater value of operation with fewer expenses.
• Linux tablet is pretty efficient at keeping your data safe from malware and bugs.
• Linux tablets don’t just restrict who has access to your tablet. They also specify what files they have access to. One major benefit a Linux tablet user enjoys is secrecy and privacy.
• Not the last, and certainly not the least of Linux tablet uses is that the user is guaranteed a better organization and management of files. This comes as a major benefit since the Linux tablet is easier to use.

However, there are some reasons you may not want to use the Linux tablet 2021. It would be unfair not to highlight some of the not-so-great features the Linux tablet 2021 has.

Here a few of those not so great features of the kali linux tablets:

3 reasons why you shouldn’t use Linux Tablets

• It is limited software for a tablet. Almost all tablets come with an Android operating system so it is rare.
• Linux tablets have a rather low support system for games. This could be because most games are designed to suit an Android operating system.
• There’s also no definite package of Linux tablet operating system because it is not one, but a family operating systems working on synergy.


Some popular questions run through the minds of people that want to get Linux tablet 2021 so here are some of those questions and answers to them:

Is there anything like a Linux tablet?

Though you would scarcely see a tablet using the Linux operating system, there exists some tablets that run on the Linux OS. A popular example is the Pinetab. Although the Pinetab tablet doesn’t come with a pre-installed OS, you can choose a mainline Linux distros to run it on, in addition to the Android OS and other BSD packages.

Linux tablet

Which Linux tablet is the best?

By recommendation, Pinetab stands out. Known for its exceptional performance, strong and lasting battery life, an added advantage of graphic cards for videos, cameras, and games, privacy is assured on this Linux tablet. Among the many uses of Pinetab is a 2 GB RAM and a 64 GB eMMC storage with extra space for an external SD card. Linux tablet uses cannot be complete if we don’t add that the Pinetab is not even too heavy for your pocket or handbag. It comes with an attachable keyboard for times when you want to switch to use a desktop computer or use it as a laptop.

Another commendable Linux tablet 2021 is the HP Chromebook X360. It is also very simple and easy to carry around, has a rotatory screen so you can use it as a tablet instead of a laptop. With either an Intel Core i3 or an Intel Pentium i5 processor, this Linux tablet has 8 GB RAM and a 64 or a 128 GB eMMC. Amazing right? That’s not all, its diagonal 14-inch multi-touch HD display makes it more exceptional.

Can I run Linux on an Android tablet?

Oh yes. All you have to do is to install the Linux command-line tool on your Android tablet and there you have it.

Can I replace Android with Linux on my tablet?

Well, yes you can. Looking at the many Linux tablet uses, if you prefer Linux operating system on your Android tablet you can install Linux on your tablet and select Linux tablet 2021 as the tablet’s operating system.

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