iPhone 13 could launch with a new feature that has been available on Android for years

Apple lovers have a lot to be excited about as rumours suggest that the proposed iPhone 13 might likely launch with an always-on screen feature. 

According to Max Weinbach, a popular YouTube tipster, in a new video uploaded on EverythingApplePro, a famous YouTube channel, the always on-screen functionality will launch with the iPhone 13.

Other details suggest that the screen of the iPhone 13 will feature a 120Hz LTPO display. Surprisingly, this is the same display that is featured on Apple watch products and is super important for reduced battery usage. 

What’s the hype about always-on?

For Apple users who haven’t experienced the always-on feature, this looks like a pretty big deal, but for Android users, this feature has been available for some time now, so Apple is basically playing catch up. 

With always-on, your device will use limited power while keeping your screen on and allowing you to view important information like date, time, battery life and other notifications. 

If you’re new to the always-on experience, you’ll be happy to learn that this display function only lights up a small amount of pixels on your device screen. With this feature, your device will only use limited power. 

Although this functionality may not sound all sleek to Android users, for iPhone users, this is a big deal and will make a huge difference as the company looks to maximize the battery life across its broad range of devices. 

This isn’t the first time Apple will be introducing this feature on its devices and that’s because this feature has always been available on Apple watches. The only difference here is that this is going to be the first time Apple will include the always-on feature on their smartphones

Although this still a rumour and we await an official announcement from Apple before we can confirm the authenticity of this report. For now, we will keep our fingers crossed and see as things unfold in the coming days. 

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