How to use iPhone 12 Pro Max camera [Review, Specs, Protectors]

The iPhone 12 pro max camera quality is the latest rave in the iPhone clan. So many people rushed to grab the phone immediately it was released, for this reason and more. Asides the fact that the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera specs are incredible and of excellent quality, our iPhone 12 Pro Max camera review explores in depth, how to use the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera in order to fully utilize its capabilities.

Even though some people call the iPhone 12 pro max “the biggest iPhone ever made” in terms of size, that is not really true, because, it’s practically the same size as the iPhone 8 plus, just all screen instead. So, in terms of size, it’s not as enormous as some people claim.

iPhone cameras have come a long way over the years, evolving, and becoming more incredible. The iPhone 12 Pro Max camera specs is like no other iPhone before it.

The wide camera sensor is now 47% bigger and has bigger lenses and camera bump compared to the iPhone 12 pro. It also comes with a 65-millimeter telephoto lens instead of a 52 millimeter. Which gives the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera an extra 2.5 telephoto zoom, instead of the normal 2× zoom.

You also get sensor-shift stabilization on the wide-angle, which is basically like two-axis stabilization of the sensor on that wide camera. The screen is wide and huge, giving you so much real estate. If you like big-screen phones, you are in for a treat. The ultra-wide camera remains the same as with other iPhone 12s’.

iPhone 12 pro max

How to use iPhone 12 Pro Max camera

No doubt, the camera has loads of terrific features. But of what use are those if you don’t know how to use them? This is why we’re taking the time to explain how to use iPhone 12 Pro Max camera in this review.

First, you open the camera application on the device. By default, it should open up to photos but if yours opens up to a different place like portrait, videos, slo-mo, or any other one, all you need to do is gently swipe across the screen to navigate and get to your desired section, which is the Photos section.

Now let’s dive into the different settings you can apply to maximize this excellent product by Apple.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera Basic Settings

There are different functionalities or settings available in the photos section. To take a look and explore all of those, all you have to do is tap on the little downward arrow at the top middle of the screen. When you tap on the arrow, the options are displayed and you can proceed to tweak the settings before taking your photos, to ensure that your photos come out exactly the way you want them.

The Flash

The first option under the photo section is the flash and you can set it on -> auto, on, or off, depending on the result you desire. After taking your pictures, you can always go back to change that setting.

iPhone 12 Pro Max camera specs - Flash

Live Settings

Next to the HDR option, which is used to blend multiple photos at a time to heighten the image range, is the live photo. The iPhone 12 Pro Max camera live setting has 3 options -> live auto, on, and off. When you turn on the live photo, any movement in the background will take a second before, and a second after to create a short live video/photo which you can edit later.

How to use iPhone 12 Pro Max camera - Live settings

Night Mode

The next option is the night mode option and it is activated whenever the device detects that the lightning available for a photo or video is low. The device proceeds to adjust the amount of light by extending the shutters for longer than normal, such that the image looks good even with the low light. The night mode option only pops up when it’s needed. The time in seconds tells you how long to hold the camera in focus before the image is captured.

Night Mode for iPhone 12 Pro Max camera review

Photo Ratio Size

The iPhone 12 Pro Max camera specs photo ratio option helps you adjust the size / shape of the image. By default, it is set to a 4:3. However, you can adjust the ratio to square or 16:9.

iPhone 12 Pro Max camera specs - Photo Size


The exposure setting helps you control photo brightness. You can either switch this up for your photo or bring it down. The exposure also locks at the point you set it until you change it yourself. So you don’t have an issue with the exposure changing through the scene. To adjust the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera exposure, tap +/- icon in the downward arrow menu options and adjust accordingly.

How to use iPhone 12 Pro Max camera - Exposure settings


The timer feature allows you set a countdown time of either 3 or 10 seconds before a picture is taken. This is great for group photos when you don’t want anyone to be left out of the photo. You can just set your timer and get ready for the picture. When the timer is put on, a little timer icon appears at the top of the screen that serves as a reminder that the timer is still ON.


The iPhone 12 Pro Max camera filter options allow you to set your desired filter even before taking the photo. Once you have selected your filter, you can take the photo by tapping on the shutter. For this option too, you can always turn it off through the circular color venn icon that appears that the top of the screen.

iPhone 12 Pro Max camera specs - Filter option

Switch between Front and Back Camera

Just beside the photo shutter circle, there is the rotation icon, an option that allows you to interchange between the front camera and back camera.

iPhone 12 Pro Max camera specs - Rotation Icon

Zoom Settings

The iPhone 12 Pro Max zoom options are available to allow you zoom in or out on photos. The optical zoom options ensure you get the best available option when you zoom in or out. You can also pinch in and out or swipe left or right in a circular motion to zoom in or out. With the iPhone 12 Pro Max, you get a 2.5x optical zoom in, 2x optical zoom out, 5x optical zoom range, and a digital zoom of up to 12x.

iPhone 12 Pro Max camera specs - Zoom settings

iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera – More Settings

To go back to all the general options, tap on the small arrow icon above the screen and you’ll get to see all of the options available at the bottom.
Starting from the extreme left, the options available are Time-lapse, Slo-mo, Video, Photo, Portrait, and Panoramic.

Portrait Mode

The iPhone 12 Pro Max camera portrait shooting mode is extremely popular amongst most iPhone users. It allows you to use many amazing professional features like studio light, natural light, contour light, stage light, stage light mono, and the high key mono. You can access these features by just tapping on the icon that appears on the lower part of the screen.

To switch things up and down a bit, you tap on the feature and select the best mode you desire. The portrait mode is available for both the front and the back camera.

How to use iPhone 12 Pro Max camera - Portrait Mode

Video Mode

Just like other iPhone series, the iPhone 12 Pro Max also has the video feature which allows you shoot motion images or record events. More so, you can use the camera Photo settings on Video mode too, for instance you can use the flash, exposure, HD, and frame rate settings as well as the zoom in and out (up to 6×). You can edit the video just like you do with photos. You can add filters, and even crop images too.

Slo-Mo Mode

For the slo-mo video, you pretty much have all the same options in previous iPhone series to use. With slo-mo option, you can capture motions/videos in a slower mode. You can adjust the frame rate for Slow-Mo within the range of 120 and 240 frames per second. Further, you can move the shutter button to the right to lock the setting for the shooting session.

Time Lapse

The time lapse mode is able to speed up time and compress it. It enables you shoot videos that when played, speeds up the action, as though in a fast forwarded manner. For example, you can shoot moving clouds and get the rolling feel faster. To get the most out of the time lapse feature, you need to use a tripod or a sturdy phone holder to ensure the phone camera is steady during a shooting session.

Panorama Mode

The pano mode allows you capture an image in a format that is wider than its tall. to get the best pano shot, make sure to direct your iPhone at the starting point of your panoramic photo and then press the shutter button to begin shooting. Once started, gently move your iPhone towards your image’s end position. Ensure you keep moving. Also, be sure to keep the arrow on the line displayed.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Rear Camera Protector

Although the iPhone 12 Pro Max rear camera comes pretty solid, you may want an extra protection especially against scratches from sharp objects or even from terrible constant falls. Be sure to an iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera Protector that has an elevated screen bezel, with crystal clear material.

You can checkout a plethora of options on Amazon or from the apple store nearest to you.


The iPhone 12 Pro Max camera is definitely everything and more. It has so many amazing features that you may not be taking advantage of, just because you don’t know how, or you don’t even know they exist.

This iPhone 12 Pro Max camera review lets you in on all the information you need on the specs and features. As well as a detailed explanation on how to use iPhone 12 Pro Max camera.

Read through this iPhone 12 Pro Max camera review to fully understand and enjoy your iPhone 12 pro max camera.

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