Fastest internet providers in my area and the world

Are you looking for the fastest internet service providers but so far haven’t found any provider that ticks all your boxes? Well, you’re in luck as today’s post has all the information you’re looking for and more.

Finding the fastest internet providers in my area greatly depends on which companies offer their services in your area. Plus, it also depends on what you’ll be using the internet connection for. The sad truth about finding the fastest internet providers is that regional monopolies and natural topography hinders providers from being available everywhere.

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Which provider has the fastest internet

One question we get asked a lot is, what are the fastest internet service providers? And today we want to set the record straight once and for all

With most internet service providers jostling for the number one spot, determining the fastest internet service providers can be tricky.

That said, here are some big names who are reputed to deliver the best high-speed internet.

Verizon FiOS Home internet

If you live in the Southern or Northern US and you’ve been searching for the fastest internet providers near me, you’ll not be disappointed to give Verizon FiOS a try.

Thanks to their impeccable internet service, Verizon scored a whopping 65.1 out of 100 for its impressive and reliable fast download and upload speeds. Also, the company has been commended for its low latency.

In addition to its impressive internet speed, Verizon FiOS is reputed to offer some of the best customer service, performance and experience.

For those who like to bundle internet with TV services, you’ll find Verizon worth giving a try as the company offers some of the best mix and match bundle services out there.

With download speed up to 200-940 Mbps, we doubt if there are many providers that can match this impeccable high-speed internet.

Verizon Fios home internet fastest home internet provider


When it comes to the fastest internet providers, RCN convincingly earns its spot among the best out there. With an average score of 4.75 out of 100, RCN isn’t doing so badly.

And depending on which of their internet plans you sign up to, you’ll enjoy high speed internet connection from 25 to 1000 Mbps.

The only caveat is that RCN has limited coverage and is only available in cities like Philadelphia, Boston and Chicago.

However, if you live in the Northeastern part of the US and have been searching for the fastest internet providers in my area, you’ll be hard picked to find any better than RCN right now.

Besides delivering high speed internet, RCN comes with no contract obligation. Also, they have offers some of the most competitive pricing as far as internet connection is concerned.

RCN logo what are the fastest internet providers

Is a 100 Mbps fast internet

While a decent internet speed is pegged at 25 Mbps, there are lots of mouth-watering internet speeds available in the internet world today. Sure, a 25 Mbps internet speed will get the job done as it allows users to perform online operations like HD streaming, web browsing, music downloads and online gaming, if you’re looking to share your internet connection with multiple devices, you’ll need better high-speed internet plans.

Thankfully, you don’t have to look too far as some of the fastest internet providers near me now offer high speed internet up to 100 Mbps. With fast internet speed like 100 Mbps, you’ll enjoy uninterrupted internet speed across multiple devices.

Who is the best Internet provider in the world?

While we have answered your question, “What are the fastest internet service providers” we now want to show you the best internet provider in the world.

With thousands of internet service providers striving to outdo each other, it wasn’t an easy decision selecting the best provider in the world.

Google Fiber

In terms of internet speed, Google Fiber gives other ISPs around the world a run for their money. The company’s incredible download speed has made them the number one choice for people looking for the fastest internet providers.

With an average score of 75.6 out of 100, Google Fiber internet connection is the best we have come across.

The not so cool part is that Google Fiber services are not available in most cities, but if you’re lucky to live in a city with Google Fiber internet connection, you’ll sure want to give them a try.

The exciting part is that their internet plans are not on the high side. With internet plans as low as $70 per month and internet speed up to 1000 Mbps, there are very few providers that can match what Google Fiber currently offers.

Google fiber Fastest internet providers

What is the fastest Internet provider in the Philippines?

Do you live in the Philippines and searching for the fastest internet providers in your area? Well, today is your lucky day as we have you covered.

With myriads of ISPs in the Philippines delivering high speed internet connection, choosing the fastest internet providers in my area can be quite tricky. That said, here are some big names making waves in the internet space in the Philippines.

Converge IT Solution

When it comes to high speed internet connection in the Philippines, Converge has established itself as a worthy contender. With download speed as high as 25 Mbps, very few ISPs come close. Also, we like the fact that their plans are affordable, so you wouldn’t have to break the bank to sign up for quality internet services.

One Sky

Being one of the country’s longest operating internet service providers, One Sky offers some of the fastest internet plans we have come across.  With internet speed starting from 10 Mbps to as high as 120 Mbps, you’ll not go wrong to give this ISP a try.

With everything we have explored so far, we are sure you now know the fastest internet service providers you can trust. Also, take some time to check out our HP Envy x360 review, you’ll love every bit of information there.

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