Best UV phone sanitizers review: Kill the germs on your devices easily

The best UV phone sanitizer can help keep your devices like phones, action cameras, keys, headphones, AirPods, etc. squeaky clean by killing 99.9 percent of viruses and bacterias. According to research, your devices house more germs than your toilet seat. So to prevent your devices from becoming a conduit for diseases, getting a decent sanitizer for phone wouldn’t be such a bad choice. 

In our best UV phone sanitizer review, we will be showing you a list of some of the top sanitizers for phones you can get right now.

Just before we dive in, let us answer some burning common questions you could have on your mind about phone purifiers:

Do phone UV sanitizers work?

Since 1877, when scientists discovered that sunlight could limit the growth of disease spreading microorganisms, the need for UV sanitizers has grown with each passing years. And as it turns out, UV radiation is reputed to do a decent job of destroying and damaging DNA. 

And even though we aren’t out to solve the pandemic by leaving our windows open, we can do the needful by sterilizing our devices using UV sanitizer for phone. 

What is the best UV light phone sanitizer?

With the sea of options available on the market, choosing a good UV sanitizer for your device wouldn’t be an easy decision. But because we want to make things easy for you when shopping for a decent UV sanitizer for phones, our UV phone sanitizer review will provide you with some options you can check out shortly. 

What is the best phone sanitizer on the market?

It’s going to be an almost impossible task to decide the best UV phone sanitizers on the market currently. But not worry, we will provide you with some of the top-notch UV phone sanitizers we have come across and let you make the decision. To make things easy for you, we will show you all of the exciting specs each product offers and why we think they are the real deal. 

Top 5 UV sanitizer for phone

Are you interested in a good UV phone sanitizer you can get for a decent price right now? Then read below for our UV phone sanitizer review to see our list of top UV sanitizers for phones.

PhoneSoap Wireless

PhoneSwap best UV phone sanitizer

PhoneSoap Wireless earns its place among the top UV phone sanitizers out there and for good reasons too. Thanks to this brilliant phone purifier that zaps away viruses and bacteria, your device will not only look squeaky clean and free from microorganisms but will also function effortlessly. 

And guess what, it doesn’t only eliminate viruses and bacterias from your phones,  it also helps to keep your keys, fidget spinners, and headphones free from microorganisms. 

The cool part is that this UV sanitizer for phone provides support for Qi wireless charging. And just so you know, the sanitizing process takes just 10 minutes to complete. 

Homedics UV-CLEAN Phone Sanitizer

Home Medics UV sanitizer for phone

This stylish, simple, yet effective UV sanitizer from Homedics delivers a quick sanitizing experience. And because it is portable and designed to fit in your bag, you can quickly pull out this device for on the go device sanitizing. 

Thanks to its collapsible design, this UV phone sanitizer can be folded into a compact size. Another amazing feature of this device is the lighting speed at which it works. 

While other devices will take 10 minutes to complete the sanitization process, this one takes just a minute. 

KeySmart CleanTray

KeySmart UV sanitizer for phone

If you’re on the market for an exciting gift for your friend or loved ones, and you don’t want to spend a fortune, you’ll not be disappointed to give this impressive UV sanitizer for phone from KeySmart a try. 

While this device does an effortless job in ridding your device of microorganisms, it also doubles as a diffuser/humidifier, which helps fill your room with love fragrances, while destroying the germs and bacteria, hiding around your devices. 

Totallee UV Phone Sanitizer

Totalle UV phone sanitizer review

Just like the PhoneSwap UV sanitizer, the amazing totalle UV phone sanitizer also supports Qi wireless charging as the device simultaneously cleans your phone. Plus, it supports fast charging, especially if you use a QC 2.0/3.0 adapter. 

What sets this phone sanitizer apart from others on the market is its impressive warranty. With totalle, you’ll enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee with a whopping 2-year replacement warranty just in case anything goes wrong. 

Our only complaint is that this device, compared to others takes a much longer time to fully clean your device. 

CaseTify UV sanitizer lite

CaseTify best UV phone sanitizer

If what you want is a decent UV phone sanitizer that is a breeze to use, you’ll be hard picked to find any better than CaseTify at the moment. We love the fact that this device is lightweight and very portable. Plus, it’s large enough to comfortably house more than 1 device. 

When it comes to CaseTify, smaller doesn’t mean less effective and that’s because this device still manages to knock out 99.9 percent of viruses and bacterias infesting your device.

Wrap up

Keeping your devices free from bacteria and virus infestation is super important, especially as the Coronavirus pandemic keeps bitting hard. Thanks to some of the UV sanitizers for phones listed in today’s article, you can sure keep your phone squeaky clean and rid of microorganisms. 

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