5 Best Telescopes for Kids: Top picks suitable for all ages and budgets

Telescopes can help spark children’s interest in sky watching and STEM skills. There is something magical about the atmosphere and it draws children in with their natural curiosity. With a good telescope, the stars and air space become closer than an imagination. Hence, buying the best telescopes for kids, will enable them explore the magic of our galaxy from the comfort of your front porch or backyard.  

If you are wondering what the best telescope to buy could be, we have put together this list based on top tested brands, best features and excellent online reviews. Consequently, we hope that after reading this piece, you will have more clarity on the various features a telescope has. And, you will also be armed with enough knowledge to make the best telescope buy decision for kids.

What is the best telescope for kids?

When purchasing kid’s telescope, focus on the aperture size, ease of use, image quality and telescope type.

There are some common terms you will encounter as you go through our review of best telescopes for kids. Let us familiarize you with the most relevant ones before we dive into our review of the best telescope for kids in 2021.

Aperture: This refers to the diameter of the telescope’s primary lens or mirror. A smaller aperture collects less light and gives darker images, while a larger one does the opposite.

Focal Length: This is a factor in determining the magnification power of the telescope. It is the distance between the object focus point and the primary lens of the telescope. To calculate the magnification power, divide the telescope’s focal length by the eyepiece focal length.

Finderscope: This is an aiming auxiliary telescope for viewing fainter objects. It is like a smaller telescope that sits on the main telescope and makes it easier to see tinier sky objects.

Celestron 21035 70mm Travel Scope

best telescopes for kids in 2021 Celestron


Aperture70mm (2.8″)
Focal Length400mm (15.74″)
Telescope eye piecesTwo (20mm and 10mm)
Magnification20x, 40x
Total kit weight3.3 lbs (1.5 kg)

Selling point for us

  • Clear image quality
  • Affordable at under $100
  • The package comes with a tripod
  • It is lightweight
  • Glass lens
  • comes with Finderscope

Reasons to think twice

  • Flimsy is not very sturdy

Orion GoScope II 70mm Refractor Travel Telescope

What is the best telescopes for kids Orion GoScope


Focal Length400mm
Telescope eye piecesTwo (25mm and 10mm)
Magnification16x, 40x
Total kit weight3.5 lbs (1.59 kg)

Selling point for us

  • It is portable
  • Comes with a Finderscope
  • Easy assembly
  • Impressive view and image quality
  • Comes with a moon map (extra learning opportunity for the kids)
  • Comes with a functional carry-on bag
  • Achromatic lenses

Reasons to think twice

  • Tripod is not very sturdy

MaxUSee Kids Refractor Beginner Telescope 

best telescopes for kids MaxUsee


Focal Length400mm
Telescope eye piecesTwo (12.5mm and 20mm)
Magnification20x, 32x
Total kit weight998 grams

Selling point for us

  • It is very light weight
  • Comes with a Finderscope
  • Easy set up
  • Great beginner telescope

Reasons to think twice

  • Smaller aperture which makes for a less bright view of farther images

Solomark Refractor Telescope for kids

best telescopes for kids Solomark


Focal Length400mm
Telescope eye piecesTwo (9mm and 20mm)
Magnification20x, 44x
Total kit weight3.2 kg

Selling point for us

  • It is portable
  • Comes with a Finderscope
  • Easy set up
  • Comes with a functional carry-on bag
  • Has a smartphone adapter
  • Crisp image quality

Reasons to think twice

  • Tripod is not very sturdy

Orion Observer II 70mm Altazimuth Refractor Telescope

best telescopes for children Orion Observer


Focal Length700mm
Telescope eye piecesTwo (10mm and 25mm)
Magnification28x, 70x
Total kit weight4.99 kg

Selling point for us

  • Comes with many accessories
  • Has dual slow-motion controls
  • Perfect for viewing Jupiter and Saturn (Also has ability to view Mars on occasions it moves closer to earth)
  • Excellent image quality
  • Comes with educational materials
  • Sturdy tripod

Reasons to think twice

  • It is not the most portable telescope in our review. However, it is still easy to carry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can adults use telescopes for kids?

It depends on the telescope’s capabilities. However, fully functional telescopes for kids can be used by adults alike. The only caveat is that image quality of kid’s telescopes may not be as clear as a professional astronomer’s telescope.

What should I look for in a beginner’s telescope?

The main things you want to consider when buying a telescope for beginners include:

  • Be mindful of the optical image quality
  • Select a stable mount that is easy to maneuver
  • Consider a telescope with a good aperture, preferably, anyone with an aperture of 70mm and above is great for beginners.

How can I avoid getting scammed when buying a telescope as a novice?

In order to avoid falling for a scam, especially when you buy a telescope online, ensure that there is a return and refund policy in place. More so, you should only buy from trusted platforms with verified sellers. It is advisable to try out a telescope before you buy, possibly from your community astronomy club.

If you enjoyed reading this carefully curated best telescope for kids reviews, you should check out our Nodzy telescope review, where we revealed whether it is a scam or legit.


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