The Best Smart Plugs to buy in 2021

Putting together a high-tech home doesn’t have to cost you a fortune and that’s all thanks to the array of smart plug Amazon available on the market today. 

Whether you’re interested in a smart plug for Alexa or a smart plug outdoor you can use to upgrade ordinary appliances, lighting, home security systems, or other electronics into a smart home device, you can easily control using your smartphone, rest assured we have you covered. 

That said, while installing Smart plug Amazon is a breeze, choosing which one is perfect for your home is no easy task. 

Thankfully, we have made your job easy by putting together a list of the best smart plug Amazon we have tested. Additionally, we have also put together a few helpful tips you should consider when buying a smart plug Wi-Fi with outlet. 

What is a smart plug? 

Whether they are called smart plug for Google home, smart switches, smart plug outlet or smart plug with timer, keep in mind that these brilliant devices are ultimately plug-in outlets. As such, they plug directly into traditional power strips or into a wall outlet. 

Another unique thing about smart plug Amazon is that these devices have their own outlets and by plugging it in, you’re simply upgrading your existing outlet and making it smart by connecting it directly to your home Wi-Fi network. 

What are the uses for smart plug? 

Smart plug uses vary from one device to another, but we will make things simple so you get the idea right away. Once Smart plug outlets are installed in your home, they basically allow you to use your smartphone to turn control power. 

So let’s say you have plugged in a lamp for instance, the smart plug with energy monitoring can turn your lamp on or off, regardless of where you are. 

Also, keep in mind that most smart plug with timer offer some form of scheduling. This means you can simply turn your connected devices on at the same time every week day. 

1. Wemo WiFi Smart Plug

Wemo smart plug amazon

If you want a smart plug Wi-Fi that works exactly as promised, this is the one for you. Compared to other options out there, this smart switch is a lot more compact and doesn’t block other smart plugs. 

Even though this smart switch doesn’t have energy monitoring like other options out there, we particularly love the fact that this device works with major smart assistants and that includes Siri. 

Thanks to its physical switch, you don’t have to use voice commands or the app all the time to turn your appliance on or off. We also like its intuitive Away mode, which makes it seem like you’re home, even though you are not. 

TP Link Kasa smart plug outdoor

This smart plug outdoor features two outlets, which allows users to easily control two devices independently. Even though the plug measures 4.9 x2.4 x 2.3 inches, it comes in a thick plastic that houses a Wi-Fi radio which easily connects to your router from 300 feet away. 

Rated IP64, this device can withstand dust and rainfall. That aside, please ensure that the outlet is facing down and covered when not in use. 

For seamless operation, this device comes with an intuitive app that works with most smartphones. Also, the app makes the setup process a hassle free one. 

If you’re on the market for a smart plug for Google Home, Alexa, or IFTTT, this is the one for you. 

D-Link smart plug with energy monitoring

This outdoor Wi-Fi smart plug is a multi-port smart switch that is uniquely designed to withstand the elements. Thanks to its smart design, this device allows users to control it directly from their smartphone. 

That aside, you can also control the device using voice commands or applets that allows the device to be triggered using other smart devices. 

4. iHome iSP6X SmartPlug

iHome smart plug for alexa

One thing we love about the iHome iSP6X SmartPlug, is that it offers lots of incredible specs you’ll not see with other smart plugs with time. To start with, this device offers a unique blend of affordability, features and third-party support. 

This makes it an idea device for controlling just about anything in your home, using your smartphone. 

5. Lutron Caseta Dimmer Plug

Luttron Caseta Dimmer smart plug with timer

There are so many things to love about the Lutron Caseta Dimmer Plug. For starters, this device boasts of amazing specs you’ll not find with similar products on the market. And for those looking for a smart plug Apple Homekit, you’ll absolutely love this superb product as it provides support for Apple HomeKit as well as Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri voice commands. 

Plus, it is designed to work with almost all devices within your home. 

6. Wyze Plug

Wyze Smart Plug

The Wyze Plug is arguably one of the best smart plugs we have come across and that’s all thanks to all the amazing features it offers. 

Besides being incredibly affordable, this device is easy to install and provides support for both Alexa and Google voice control. 

Also, this smart plug works with other smart devices via IFTTT applets. 

How to Connect a Smart Plug to your Alexa

Connecting a smart plug to Alexa is easy. Simply follow this tips to get started: 

  • Plug your preferred smart plug to an outlet
  • Download and install the smart plug app
  • Set up your smart plug using the app
  • Launch your Alexa app
  • Hit the menu option on the Alexa app
  • Choose skills and games 
  • Select the magnifying glass to discover your smart plug skill

How does smart plug work?

A smart plug works by turning appliances in your home into smart techs. And it does so using Wi-Fi technology. By seamlessly connecting the smart plug to your phone and connecting devices within your home to that smart plug, you can easily switch your appliances on and off directly from your smartphone. 

How to reset a smart plug

Resetting a smart plug to factory default is easy. Simply press and hold the power button for at least 4 to 10 seconds and release. Once the LED turns solid blue, you are sure that the reset is complete. 


If you’re looking to make your home a little smart and responsive, getting a good and reliable smart plug is the way to go. And just in case you need a good smartphone to go with it, you’ll not be wrong to check out the all amazing Samsung S21 Ultra device.

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