Best photo editor apps for PC free download

Whether you’re interested in a simple photo editor or looking for a professional photo editing tool to quickly enhance your picture with cutting edge features, rest assured that our list of best photo editor PC free has everything you’re looking for and more.

While some of the best photo editor PC free we will highlight shortly are easy to use, some of the best photo editor Mac will take some time to master. But rest assured that whichever best photo editor PC free you finally settle for will get the job done.

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What is the best free photo editing app for PC?

Finding the best photo editing app for PC can be super tricky especially giving the plethora of options available out there. But not to worry, we have put together the best photo editor PC free you can start using right away.

While some of these best photo editor Mac are simple, others feature sophisticated tools that will give your photos the magic touches they are missing.

That said, here are some of the best photo editing app for PC we have come to love.

  • Microsoft Windows 10 photos
  • Luminar
  • Gimp
  • Photolemur
  • Paint.NET

Top free photo editors for PC

Now, that we have highlighted the best photo editor PC free, stay with us as we explore each photo editor together with what they offer.

Microsoft Windows 10 photos

Microsoft Windows 10 photos is one of the best photo editor Windows we have come across. While most people use this photo editor to view photos, this best photo editor PC free comes with exciting tools you can use to enhance your photos.

Also, this photo editor allows you to easily sort photos into albums, collections and folders.

From blemish removal to cropping to photo enhancing filters and more, this powerful tool has everything you need to transform your photos.

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Are you looking for the best photo editor Mac with cutting edge tools to transform your photos? Then look no further than Luminar. With top notch AI technologies that can automatically edit your photos, this editor is super easy to use and all shades of amazing.

Besides basic tools like blending modes, clone, stamp tools, editing brush and transformation tools, this editor rolls out other exciting tools like Portrait enhancer, AI skin, Sky replacement, Sunrays, Accent AI and more.

Plus, it only takes a few clicks to enhance and transform your photos

Best photo editor mac, best photo editing app for pc, best photo editor windows


Gimp photo editor Best photo editor mac

GIMP ranks as one of the best photo editor PC free. This amazing photo editing tool was recently updated and now features a range of exciting tools to enhance your photos.

One thing we love about GIMP is that it looks a lot like Photoshop in terms of interface and functionality.

The icing on the cake is that this best photo editor Mac packs a lot of simple editing tools like crop and transform you can play around with. Plus, it also features complex tools like blending modes, layers, masks, color management tools, blur and sharpens tools for a more professional touch.


Photolemur best photo editing app for pc

If what you want is a free PC photo editor that gets the job done without any hassle, you’ll not be disappointed to give Photolemur a try. We love the fact that this photo editing app for PC works for both professionals and amateurs looking to add some glam to their photos.

This powerful tool analyses pictures using AI algorithms and applies complex adjustments within minutes. With just the click of the mouse, you can fix exposure, smoothen skin textures, enhance the colors in your photos, remove haziness, fix lens error, and do much more.

To take things up a notch, this tool comes with a useful tool call batch processing. This allows users to import and apply corrections to several pictures at once.


Paint.NET Best photo editor mac

This powerful editing software for PC has proven to be one of the best editing photos software out there. While it was initially rolled out as an alternative to Microsoft paint, it has surpassed Microsoft Paint in several ways. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, this app is easy to navigate.

It features powerful tools for making selections, retouching, moving selections, recoloring, and more. Plus, you’ll also find tools for adjusting levels, curves, contrast, colors, and brightness.

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