Best iPad Pro 11 inch cases with keyboard, pencil holder

If you’re going to spend a whopping $800 on an iPad Pro, then you’ll agree that getting a decent iPad Pro 11-inch cases with keyboard is the smart thing to do especially for protecting your iPad Pro from scratch and bumps. 

While there aren’t many superb iPad Pro 11 inch case with keyboard and pencil holder on the market currently, we have managed to find a few options that are a lot better than Apple’s original folio cases. Although most of these iPad Pro 11 inch cases with keyboard don’t come cheap, we have still managed to feature some iPad Pro 11 inch 2nd generation keyboard case that are affordable and up to standard. 

Below is our list of the best iPad Pro 11 inch cases with keyboard you should check out right now. 

MoKo Case Fit iPad Pro 11 case with support for Apple Pencil

MoKo Case ipad pro 11 inch case with keyboard and pencil holder

When it comes to iPad Pro 11 inch cases, Moko produces one of the best iPad Pro 11 inch keyboard cases we have come across. Their iPad Pro 11 inch case with detachable keyboard will give the likes of Apple’s original Smart Cover a run for their money. 

This particular case is slim, lightweight, trifold, and designed to work seamlessly with the iPad Pro. And just so you know, this superb case supports wireless charging, while providing support for Apple Pencil 2. 

It comes with a solid back shell, crafted out of flexible and durable material. This iPad Pro 11 inch case compatible with smart keyboard will not only protect the front and back of your device but also the edges of your Ipad Pro. 

OtterBox Symmetry Series 360 Case

OtterBox ipad pro 11 inch cases with keyboard

OtterBox is a big name in the accessory space, and with this particular OtterBox Symmetry Series 360 iPad Pro 11 inch case with keyboard, they delivered well over their promise.

We love the fact that this iPad Pro case from OtterBox, nicely covers your device’s edges and corners, providing you all-around protection from dings and minor scuffs. Not just that, the case also makes it less likely for your iPad Pro screen to shatter in case of a drop. 

Another cool thing about this OtterBox iPad Pro case is that it works with or without Apple Pencil, which is a plus, especially considering other cases we have tested. 

Surprisingly, this case is slim and attractive, which isn’t something you get to see every day with OtterBox cases, as they have a reputation for making bulky and rugged cases. 

INFILAND iPad Pro 11 Case

INFILAND ipad pro 11 inch 2nd generation keyboard case

If you’re interested in a brilliant iPad Pro 11 inch case compatible with smart keyboard, you’ll be hard-picked to find any better than the INFILAND iPad Pro 11 Case right now. We love this tri-fold case cover for iPad Pro because its redefines protection in a way we haven’t seen with other iPad Pro cases.

To start with, this beautiful case features a tri-fold front cover that can transform into a vertical or horizontal stand. Also, the case supports auto-sleep/wake features and allows you to charge your Apple Pencil just on the side. 

Thanks to the way the back is nicely shell structured, this iPad Pro 11 inch cases with keyboard performs way better than other tri-fold cases we have seen.

And because it is carefully crafted from a flexible frame and crystal clear lightweight back, this case is poised to offer better shockproof protection than other tri-fold design cases on the market. 

ESR Urban Premium Folio Case for iPad Pro 11

ESR Urban Premium ipad pro 11 inch case compatible with smart keyboard

Suppose all you want is a superb iPad Pro 11 inch 2nd generation keyboard case that excels in design and guarantees protection for your device. In that case, you’ll not be disappointed to check out the ESR Urban Premium Folio case. 

Besides providing magnetic support for Apple Pencil 2, we like the fact that this cover case for iPad Pro provides support for wireless charging via its precise cutouts and quality material.

Made from durable polyurethane / oxford material which lines the exterior of the case and the soft microfiber lining on the inside, you can be rest assured that the screen of your device will not get scratched. 

And because the case is lightweight, you’ll never have to worry about bulkiness. Again, thanks to its great material, this case allows for maximum ventilation, thus preventing overheating. 

Zugu Case The Alpha Case

Zugu ipad pro 11 inch case with detachable keyboard

While this iPad Pro 11 inch keyboard cases are as functional as the OtterBox Symmetry iPad Pro 11-inch 2nd generation keyboard case, we particularly love this one because it provides better viewing angles than other cases. 

The icing on the cake is that this case supports Apple Pencil while also allowing it to sync and charge. While this iPad Pro case’s design is practical, it features an unmatched design, making it an excellent choice for people interested in an iPad Pro case that is both functional and practical. 

Even though this Zugu Case for iPad Pro is rather slim, it features a standard folio-style setup and has a faux leather exterior that keeps the edges of your device protected. Compared to other iPad Pro cases, this one features recessed ridges on the front cover. 

A fold-out stand on the back of the case means you can position your iPad Pro at various angles. 


Your iPad Pro deserves all the protection it can get, especially considering the whopping sum you splashed to get this device. That’s why our list of iPad Pro 11 inch cases with keyboard provides you with lots of options you can explore to keep your device protected. And just in case you have the latest Samsung Ultra 21 smartphone, you can also get a waterproof case to keep it protected. 

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