Best free photo editor apps for iPad and iPhone

Are you interested in putting out fun and captivating photos? Then we are sure you must be searching for the best photo editor for iPad free. Guess what, we have put together some of the best photo editor iPad you can start using right away. 

And the best part is that some of the best photo editor for iPad free we will highlight shortly are easy to use. So, whether you are just starting out with photo editing or you’re already a professional, you’ll find your way around these apps without any hassle.

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What is the best photo editor app for iPad?

With the myriad of photo editing apps on the app store today, choosing the best photo editor for iPad free can be quite tricky. While some of the apps are simple to use, others will need some time to master.

That said, here are some of the best photo editor on iPad free you can start using right away.

  • Snapseed
  • VSCO
  • Prisma Photo Editor
  • Adobe Photo Express
  • Adobe Lightroom Photo Editing App

Top photo editing app for iPad

Having shown you a list of the best photo editor for iPad free. Let’s take you through a detailed review of each photo editor, shall we?


The best photo editing iPad app like SnapSeed, packs a punch that gives desktop photo editors a run for their money. With an intuitive design and a huge range of features you can explore, this best photo editor iPad has everything you’re looking for and more.

While SnapSeed has a range of preset filters just like other photo editors, this free photo editing software allows users to edit filters as well as create theirs from scratch. 

To make photo editing fun, SnapSeed comes with a lot of classic tools like cropping, frames, straightening, vignettes, and text that add some magic touches to your photos.

Best photo editing software ipad Snapseed


Just like Instagram, best photo editing software iPad like VSCO combines camera, editing tools and a robust online community.

Thanks to this powerful photo editor, you’ll enjoy access to a range of stunning filters that make pictures look like they were captured using an analog film camera.

Compared to many heavily filtered Instagram presets, VSCO features filters that add subtle and soft effects to your photos.

And just like other best photo editing iPad app we have talked about, this one also features standard editing tools like borders, cropping, adjustments, vignettes, and frames.

Best photo editor for ipad free VSCO

Prisma Photo Editor

While most best photo editor for iPad free with filters that turn images into paintings or drawings are downright awful, Prisma does a pretty good job in this regard.

best photo editor ipad prisma photo editor

To start with, this powerful photo editing tool explores artificial neural networks specially designed to allow users make photos appear as if they were painted by Picaso.

With over 500 superb filters to choose from Prisma has a blend of exciting tools you can easily explore to transform your pictures. Like Instagram, Prisma also boasts of a robust online community.

Adobe Photo Express

Adobe Photo Express best photo editor ipad

When it comes to photo editing on iPad and iPhone, Adobe Photo Express features all the great tools to bring your photos alive. Despite featuring powerful and advanced features, this impressive photo editing tool still manages to work effortlessly on small screens.

Plus, we love the fact that it is easy to use. Simply upload a photo from your smartphone gallery or take a new one and you can start editing right away.

Like other apps we have explored, this one has all the great editing tools you’ll ever need including popular ones like brightness, red-eye correction, filters, cropping, borders, saturation, and more. The cool thing about this tool is that it has filters that solve common issues like color temperature and exposure.

Adobe Lightroom Photo Editing App

Adobe Lightroom CC best photo editing ipad app

If you want to take your photo editing skills up a notch, you’re welcome to try Adobe Lightroom CC. This incredible photo app for iPad and iPhone provide seamless access to some of the best professional editing tools on the go.

With access to brilliant editing tools like cropping, filters, red-eye correction, saturation, and more, you can easily add that magic touch your pictures are currently missing.

And if you decide to opt for Adobe Creative Cloud, you’ll enjoy access to additional features you can use to spruce your photos.

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